Where I go - I hope there's RUM - After doin' these web pages - I'm gonna get me some!!!









The food preparations are amazing in the lot...The fellow to the left has forsaken conventional grilling to experiment with the new asphalt-charcoal grill!!!





Above Left:Double Fisted Drinking Above:Give me all your booze or I'll Shoot Above Right:Star Lake Hills 90210


    < A Son of a Son of a Son of Son....


Lines - Lines - Lines everywhere lines!!!!!

I don't know if there's Rum in this - but it sure tasted great!!!

That is it - all the pictures that I took (worthy or not) of the party at this year's Saturday Jimmy Buffett show...The lost roll of film that has until now escaped my clutches still may be found - but I am not confident...

I hope that you have seen some people that you know and maybe gotten a laugh from some people that you didn't know!

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I think I hear Captain Morgan calling me...See you next year :>)


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