Photos from the Liberty Celebration c.1986

**Featuring photographs of the World Trade Center Towers**

In the summer of 1986 - as a freshly minted college graduate - I took a trip with the folks to New York City for the celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. 


Up until then I had no real concept of what "Melting Pot" meant.


I had never been to a "Metropolis" the size of New York City.


I had never been penned up with an estimated 11 million people in a 6 square block area.


The highest point that I had ever viewed a city was 851 feet (the Vertical elevation of the Johnstown Vehicular Inclined Plane).

I didn't particularly enjoy the crowd induced claustrophobia. It seemed that I saw more people from foreign countries than U.S. citizens. I saw the city from over 1100 feet while [being lucky enough to be] dining in the "Windows on the World" Restaurant.

Over the weekend I took many, many photos...The Tall Ships, the city, the Harbor from the Staten Island Ferries, and the World Trade Center. These are some of the photos that I have revisited in the last year...

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Note: Although I have photos from "Ground Zero" taken in December of last year,  I choose not to display them.