Photograph Restoration Packages

If you have a photo that has seen better days. One that is folded, dog-eared, scratched, faded, yellowed, etc. I may be able to restore and replace that photo with one that's like new. Take a look below to see what can be done with a worn photo.


Here are some other examples. Cropped, retouched and converted to Black-n-White.

- The Originals - 


- Note the wreath, scratches and perspective have all been corrected in the finished photographs -

Click the Thumbnails below for a larger view 

Rudaitis_003web.gif (131396 bytes)    Rudaitis_002web.gif (129357 bytes)    Rudaitis_001web.gif (125864 bytes)

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Look closely at this one...It took some work - but - what an improvement! About One (1) hour of retouching was needed to accomplish the result below.


^^^^^The most extreme example that I have worked on to date^^^^^

Package prices are based on the extent of the work involved in restoring the photo(s) and number and size of the reprints made. Most packages start at $19.95 for restoration and reprint. More problematic photos will cost more to restore. 


All Photographic Restorations contained herein are the property of, and are copyrighted by - Todd Jones and Affordable Photography of Pittsburgh

Original Photographs are the Property of the owner and Photographer of Record