About My Photography:


With this site, you will be able to view examples of my work in Photography.  

I offer an inexpensive alternative for clients who desire a Professional Results Without the Professional price tagI do Portraits, Special Events, Scout and Church Groups, League Team and Individual Photos, Digital Retouching, Stock Photos (of Pittsburgh and the nearby Tri-State Region), and create Custom Greeting Cards.  I am also available to coach Beginning through Intermediate Photography.

I am able to charge less because I don't lease a studio or maintain a large inventory of equipment that I rarely use.  I work in Digital and 35 mm Formats.  The equipment that I use is among the best and most reliable that exists, and I frequently use it all for various shots during an assignment.

What does all of that mean for the client?  Very simply put: The client isn't paying for huge overhead. They do pay for personalized service and complete control.

If you are someone who is looking for an inexpensive, professional alternative to high priced photographers, chances are good that I will be able to complete your assignment at a SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS to you.

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