The Lot - #27 - Forestbrooke



This "Extension" is where the Fireplace will sit - We affectionately call the fireplace box - the 'Dog House'


^^^^^^^^I just thought this looked cool...


Above and Below:

The Stairway opening to the basement


I happened upon the fellow from Brookside Lumber dropping off the first and second floor wood.


Update for Tuesday 8.18.2009

The Men were busy today - The "Hole" starts its transformation into an actual structure.




A look down from the back yard


The future "Man Cave"


And back above "grade" - a view to the neighborhood through what will one day become the front door.

Walls and Second Floor Supports are starting to take shape. Weather isn't looking too good the next couple of days. Here's hoping the roof trusses are and covered soon.


Above: The core - Powder Room / Hall Closets (Right) Dining Room entry


The Garage Frames are up and ready for the Master Bedroom to built above.



Below: Second floor supports for the Roof Trusses are being placed.


A view from across the street.


The frame supports for the front Gable and front porch roof.


Monday 25-August-2009

The Main Gable is set - the roof trusses are in place - Second floor framing is started.


Roof sheeting and roofing base is started. The "Capping" Trusses are still to be raised.



Above: The Upstairs, including the Master Bedroom & Bedroom #4

Below: A look through the ceiling to the upstairs.


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