Some of my favorite sites at the Pittsburgh Zoo...

A visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo on a Sunny Saturday Afternoon provides a nice distraction for people from all over the Tri-State area.  Below are some shots of my favorite animals.  Not the least of which is our Baby Elephant, who now just over a year old! Think about how your "wild" animal could look in a professional, customized photograph.

This little guy is Awesome!!!

And he his something of a "Ham" for the Camera.

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the Baby Elephant and his much larger 




The only bear that wanted to cooperate on this day was this rather large fellow. 

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This Leopard was one of two big cats that allowed me to get their picture taken with very little coaxing.  The snow leopard was by far more friendly and curious towards his guests.  The Tiger, on the other hand couldn't have been bothered.

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The Flamingos at the Pittsburgh Zoo have had a tough go of it...

But these birds remain and catch the eye of everyone who passes their home.




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